Older Adults

Seniors Services

Seniors Services

Providing care, connection and support throughout the aging journey.

At JFS, we believe older adults have a vital role to play in our community. No matter where you are on the aging journey, we value your experience, wisdom and contributions. Whether you need connection, advocacy or support, we are here to help you and your family. Our integrated services will ensure your needs are met with comfort and dignity.

Seniors Service Brochure

Click here to read our Seniors Service Brochure.

Home Support

Personalized, professional services to help you live safely and comfortably at home.

Better at Home

A community-based program to help older adults live independently at home and connect to services.

Care Management

Help in navigating the health care system and advocating on your behalf.

Thriving Seniors

Connecting older adults with one another.

Holocaust Survivors

Ensuring that Holocaust Survivors live in safety and dignity.

Other Services

We have Russian-speaking services currently available for:  

    • Thriving Seniors 
    • Tablet Learn and Loan Program
    • Home Support Workers
    • Russian-speaking Case Manager (coming soon) 

Older adults (65+) are eligible for the following food support programs:

  • Access through the Community Care Line
  • Seniors Sharing Shabbat 
  • Grocery Program
  • Food Hubs
  • Meal Delivery
  • Emergency Food Supply 

Low-income older adults (65+) may be eligible for emergency JFS financial aid after completing a financial assessment demonstrating their low-income status.  This financial aid funding is used for emergencies such as urgent medical or dental bills, rent in cases of eviction, or outstanding utility bills at risk of disconnection. 

If you are a new client and are interested in completing the intake and low-income financial assessment, please contact our care line at (604) 558-5719.

Learn more here.

Seniors Outreach Counselling program is for older adults 60+ who are living with a fixed income and are in need of counselling. Counselling is provided in our offices on a limited basis or provided virtually. Counselling services are offered for a fee on a sliding scale based on the client's Notice of Assessment.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

We provide a range of services to clients in need to address issues such as lack of income, disability, abuse, addiction etc. Our services are client focused with the goal of assisting people as they navigate through the system and providing support where needed.

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