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At Jewish Family Service, our unwavering commitment to excellence is the driving force behind every aspect of our services and programs. We hold a steadfast dedication to providing our community with effective and supportive assistance, addressing challenges as they arise, and continually enhancing our services.  

Central to our mission is the belief in the importance of every individual's voice. We recognize that everyone's perspective is valuable, and our Complaints, Feedback, and Suggestions process is designed to empower our community to easily share their thoughts and concerns.  

This structured process allows you to provide suggestions, share feedback, or express formal complaints in a straightforward manner. By utilizing this system, we can systematically track and address issues, ensuring that no concern goes unheard or unattended.  

We are committed to actively resolving complaints, implementing improvements based on your feedback, and using your valuable input to enhance our programs and services. Your voice matters, and through this process, you become an integral part of our ongoing growth and refinement at JFS. 

Complaints, Feedback, and Suggestions Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Your opinions matter to us, and we value your feedback as we continuously strive to improve our services. We want to ensure that your experiences with JFS (Jewish Family Services) are positive and constructive. Therefore, we provide multiple avenues for you to share your thoughts. 

  • Feedback and Suggestions: If you have feedback or suggestions about any aspect of your experience with JFS, including services, programs, or staff, please do let us know.   
  • Complaints: Your concerns are important to us. We want to hear if your service expectations were not met. We will receive your complaint, respond to it, and identify areas for growth.    

Whether it's a compliment that brightens our day, constructive feedback that guides our improvements, or a concern that needs resolution, your input is crucial. You can conveniently use our online form or drop off a written form at the JFS office to express your compliments, feedback, or complaints.  

Upon submission, a dedicated Complaints Officer will diligently handle all submissions. If you file a complaint, you will be assigned an ID number for ongoing communication. Your concerns will be promptly forwarded to the appropriate person or department for resolution. We are committed to providing responses within 15 business days.  

In the event that a complaint remains unresolved after 30 days, it will be automatically escalated to the CEO. We understand the importance of timely resolution and are dedicated to addressing your concerns promptly and effectively.  

For matters that are particularly urgent, serious, or pertain to the entire department or JFS as a whole, rest assured they will be immediately escalated to the CEO for direct attention. 

Your trust is paramount to us at JFS, and we want to assure you that the information you share with us is treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect. Your privacy is a priority, and we will not disclose any information without your explicit consent. 

There are, however, limited exceptions to this rule. In cases where there is a legal obligation or a risk of imminent harm, we may need to share information. Please be assured that these instances are rare and carefully evaluated, always with your best interests in mind. 

JFS is committed to creating an environment where your feedback is not only welcomed but also essential for our continuous improvement. We understand that your experiences and insights help us refine our services, ensuring that we meet your needs effectively. 

It is our firm policy that no client will lose services or face any penalties for expressing concerns, feedback, or complaints. Your honest input is invaluable, and we view it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and enhance the quality of our support for you and the community. 

Your feedback is important to us! Any complaint, compliment, or suggestion will be listened and responded to. 

We will track all complaints, compliments, and suggestions and summarize and report this feedback to the JFS management team, CEO, and Board of Directors. 

Your complaints, compliments, and suggestions will help improve JFS in the following ways: 

  • Determine effectiveness and barriers with programs and services. 
  • Identify unmet needs. 
  • Improve the quality of services and programs. 
  • Increase the effectiveness of our client advocacy. 

Providing feedback is a client’s right. In that process, JFS commits to: 

  • Confidentiality  
  • Fairness  
  • Respect  
  • Accessibility  
  • Transparency  
  • Accountability  
  • Timeliness  
  • Clear and defined processes  
  • Non-retaliation 

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