addiction counseling services

Addiction Counselling Services at JFS

JFS Clients are now able to see Jewish Addiction Community Services (JACS) counsellors at The Kitchen by appointment.

The JFS health protocols in place include health screening, hand sanitization and masks. 

JACS is a compassionate, Jewish-informed organization, providing guidance, education, and recovery services that reduce the effects of addiction on families and individuals in Vancouver.

JACS Vancouver provides:

  • Navigational support to access treatment services, as well as various community and government programs
  • Sustaining a recovery plan by setting and achieving personal goals in the context of abstinence or harm reduction, depending on the individual circumstances
  • Group management for people in recovery and support for friends and family
  • Community addiction and recovery education

If you or someone you know is struggling with addition or needing additional support though their recovery, contact Shelley Karrel, JACS Manager - Counselling and Community Education, at 778-882-2994 or [email protected].

For more information about JACS, please visit

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