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Our clients are people who have faced real problems in their lives, challenges that any one of us might encounter in a lifetime. Some have faced greater difficulties than others, but in the end, all of these people reached out to JFS and we were able to help, thanks in great part to the support of our generous donors and committed staff.

These stories reveal the reason we exist as an organization and how we can continue in the longstanding tradition of Tikkun Olam.

Caring For My Father

JFS Home Support department has been very pro-active and timely in placing home worker Oksana when my father got very sick and could not care for himself anymore. As several weeks passed by, we can see the results of her work at my father’s home and couldn’t be happier with [...]

Rescuing my Mother

Thank you for everything you have done for my family. I’m convinced that Jacque Sankoff and Jewish Family Services saved my mother’s life. I’m now in tears as I write this letter...

Escaping Columbia

I lived in Columbia and had a good life, until the armed conflict. The guerillas FARC-EP took me into the mountains, a prisoner, made threats to my family. I left everything I had and came to Canada with my 10-year-old son...

Visiting the Jewish Food Bank

Today, before my first visit to the Jewish Food Bank, I was worried about how it would be. But from the moment I entered, I saw volunteers with smiles on their faces.

A Positive Therapeutic Environment

After five one-hour sessions with you to date, and my mood has improved markedly. I can now work at my job with enthusiasm again and am no longer obsessed with constant, intrusive thoughts. I am very grateful to you and your organization for being there in a time of dire need. 

Prisoner Support

I wanted to let you know how appreciated your yearly assistance to us prisoners here at Mountain with bags for Rosh Hashanah. The reality is without those bags we would have no access to anything to help make the celebration of those Holidays significant.

Helping make ends meet

This year has been the hardest I have ever struggled financially and the immense fear I feel when I don’t know how to make ends meet and keep a roof over our heads is debilitating...