Supporting children and youth by addressing concerns and providing professional guidance can lead to healthy relationships and well-functioning, healthy adults.

At JFS, we realize the needs and concerns of children and youth are much different than those of adults. Guidance and education provide opportunities for children, youth - as well as families - to not only cope with stressors, but to learn new ways of managing these stressors. Appointment with youth and children are primarily in-person.

The goal of the Child, Youth & Family Counselling Program is to support and assist in the following ways:

  • Adjusting to changes in family life or structure
  • Coping with difficult emotions and situations at home and at school
  • Reconciling relationships with parents and/or extended family
  • Transitioning from home to independence
  • Living in crisis situations
  • Coping with gender identification and sexual orientation issues
  • Provide parenting support or guidance
For further information, please contact Sang Prasad, Child, Youth and Family Counsellor, at [email protected].
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