Community Kitchens

We host Community Kitchens (CKs) twice a month at the JFS Kitchen. Our CKs promote food security, increase access to nutritious food, cultivate food preparation skills, provide opportunities to connect with others and share food ideas, and unite community to celebrate Jewish holidays and cultures through food. All food prepared in our CKs is BCK-certified Kosher and Parve (primarily plant-based, with eggs and fish). When possible, we showcase local food ingredients and use food items that are included in the standard order of our Grocery Program.

Upcoming Community Kitchens

For a list of upcoming Community Kitchens, please click here.


We are sharing recipes from our community kitchens that you can try at home! Come back soon to see more!

Meal Planning Guide

The JFS Meal Planning Guide was created by UBC Dietetics interns in 2023 to help community members participating in the JFS Grocery Program to plan their shopping and cooking in ways that are cost-effective and nutritious. The guide includes 5 nutritious recipes with helpful nutrition tips, focused on ingredients included in our grocery orders. It can easily be used to create a shopping list for a low-cost meal plan.

Download the Meal Planning Guide


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