Lucy’s Story

I am grateful to JFS for so much.

I had a major health crisis when I came to JFS. I had graduated from university and was diagnosed with a major chronic illness. I couldn’t meet my bills and I had to borrow money to pay rent. I never imagined I’d end up on disability. I had nowhere to live and I was in a very difficult place financially and needing support.

I came to JFS because I knew from my mother that the Jewish Community is amazing. When I was 12 my mother passed away from cancer and it changed my whole life. She was a Holocaust refugee from Vienna in 1938 and was alone with her younger sister when she arrived in London on the Kinderstransport. The Jewish community helped her and our family and we have never forgotten it. I feel my mother watching over me and her gratitude to the Jewish community, and to JFS, for helping me and so many others.

JFS has given me incredible help – housing and health assistance, food vouchers, paying for eyeglasses and medication, counseling, the ability to volunteer and give back and so much more. Your advocacy saved me from homelessness and gave me back my dignity. JFS offers so much compassion and understanding, whether it is through their staff or the volunteers at the food bank – it is palpable.

This kind of community service and kindness is a beautiful thing and a “thank you” cannot even come close to expressing what this has meant to me.


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