Together We Stand

JFS stands in solidarity with Israelis here and abroad

On October 7, Hamas terrorists launched a heinous attack on Israeli civilians. As a Jewish social service agency, our mission is to support the well-being of our community. During a time of crisis, this becomes our priority. We also know that while our doors are open to everyone, we have a lasting connection to our Jewish community. We join others in praying for the peace and safety of our people and community.

Supporting Israelis in Metro Vancouver

JFS is providing a community-wide response to meet the urgent and upcoming needs of individuals fleeing the war in Israel and the local community impacted by the war.

If you need access to JFS services, please fill out this online form. This will help us assess the needs and provide adequate resources for the impacted individuals. This process will help us coordinate with our partners and create a holistic response.

If you are in Israel and need help, please visit: Government of Canada's Response


Attention: Israelis who have fled the war and are in Canada

If you would like to access JFS services, please fill this: Online Form

If you do not have a Canadian permanent resident or refugee status, please visit: IRCC

For more information or individual counseling sessions in English, we encourage you to call the JFS Care Line at 604-558-5719 or email at [email protected].

Additional community resources:

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