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We like to thank everyone who has registered for this year’s Hanukkah Hamper Program. We have seen a tremendous response yet again and have now filled the current matches.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know another donor family who may be interested in becoming a Hanukkah Hamper Helper2021-10-21T19:49:14-07:00

We have been very lucky to have enough donor families to help every year.

But, it is always good to know who is interested in helping out in case we have a shortfall this year. Please contact our Hanukkah Hamper Chair, Judy Weinstein at weinsteinjudy@gmail.com with your referral.

Thanks for helping us spread the word!

What should go into the Hanukkah Hamper?2021-10-21T19:11:03-07:00

The CONTENTS of the HAMPER are up to you and your family.  Here are just a few examples of some items included in the past:

  • Oil, latke mixes, dreidels, chocolate money and candles
  • Toys, family games for the kids
  • Clothing items including cold weather accessories
  • Handmade cards from kids
  • Gift cards to clothing stores ie. Old Navy, Walmart, Toys R Us or even a local grocer like Superstore, Safeway (where there are multiple and easily accessible store locations throughout the Lower Mainland)

When PACKAGING your hamper, what has worked well is packaging that can be re-purposed by the families like knapsacks, baskets, reusable bags, roll away bags, suitcases or even plastic totes.

Should we wrap the hamper?2021-10-21T19:14:20-07:00

That is usually the case, but wrapping paper isn’t the only option.

What has worked well is packaging items that can be reused by the families including knapsacks, baskets, roll-away bags, mini-suitcases for kids, and plastic totes.

Aside from the intended recipient family, who sees the contents of the hamper?2021-11-03T13:04:57-07:00

Once delivered to JFS, the hamper your family has created will be directed to a case worker who will ensure it’s given to the intended recipient family. Our delivery drivers will also be handling each hamper during delivery.

Any information you provide for tax receipt purposes and send directly to JFS via mail or email to development@jfsvancouver.ca remain confidential and are not shared with any external parties.

Please note that any Volunteer Chair(s) of the Hanukkah Hamper program do not have access to any confidential information that have been directly shared with JFS staff.

How much time do we have to register for Hanukkah Hampers?2021-10-25T11:08:53-07:00

Space is LIMITED for donor family sign ups.

Registration deadlines are currently open and will close as soon as families are matched.

Hampers are due to JFS offices week of November 8-12 at JFS’ The Kitchen at 54 E 3rd Ave Vancouver (3rd Ave and Quebec St) to ensure we can arrange delivery before Hanukkah this year.


How do we submit our hamper to the JFS?2021-11-03T10:36:06-07:00

Once your hamper is complete, you can deliver it to JFS at The Kitchen located at 54 E 3rd Ave, Vancouver (3rd Ave and Quebec St).

To ensure we have resources available onsite to accept your hamper, donors are asked to sign-up for a delivery drop (found in the Hanukkah Hamper Toolkit) spot for the following dates: November 12, 15-18.

Please remember to attach your TAG with your client family number to your hamper, found in your Hanukkah Hamper Toolkit. This will ensure it goes to the intended recipient family.

Receipts from your hamper purchase can be turned in for a tax receipt.  Please scan and email them along with the tax receipt form, also found in your Hanukkah Hamper Toolkit to development@jfsvancouver.ca subject line: Hanukkah Hamper Receipts.  Mailing your form and receipts is also an option. Please send Attn: Development Office, 320 – 2285 Clark Dr, Vancouver BC V5N 3G9. To be eligible for this year’s tax receipt, your documents must be received by December 31.


Do we get a tax receipt for the full value of our hamper?2021-10-21T19:34:16-07:00

Purchased items (including gift cards), minus the tax, are eligible for a tax receipt. Please note that any taxes paid on goods are not eligible.

Receipts from your hamper purchase can be turned in for a tax receipt.  Three ways to turn in your receipts:

  • In person – Put your tax receipt form (found in your Hanukkah Hamper Toolkit), and all eligible receipts into an envelope and hand it in with your Hamper at drop off
  • By email – Scan and email them along with the tax receipt form to development@jfsvancouver.ca subject line: Hanukkah Hamper Receipts.
  • By Mail – send your form and receipts by mail to JFS Attn: Development Office, 320 – 2885 Clark Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 3G9.
To be eligible for this year’s tax receipt, your documents must be received by JFS by December 31.
PLEASE NOTE: To avoid inaccuracies with the tax receipts, receipts with non-hamper items will no longer be accepted.

You will receive a tax receipt within a few weeks of submission of your receipts.

Can we request additional information about the family in order to better tailor the contents of our package?2021-10-21T19:44:52-07:00

Thank you for the care and attention you put into your Hanukkah Hampers. We understand you want to put together a thoughtful and useful package.

We want you to know we have made every effort to collect as much information as we can prior to providing you your family’s information. Some families are more detailed with their requests, while others are extremely grateful with whatever you put together.  Every family that receives the Hanukkah Hampers are grateful you have brought light to this holiday for them and their family.

So, at this time, no further information will be available other than what is provided in the initial description of the matched recipient family.


How can I participate?2021-10-21T19:43:12-07:00

Thank you for your interest in helping make Hanukkah brighter for so many families this year.

To participate this year as a Hanukkah Hamper donor you must register by clicking HERE.  You will be contacted by the Hanukkah Hamper Program Chair once you are registered. Please note, there are a limited number of donors that will be required this year and it is based on a first-come basis.

What should be the value of the hamper?2021-10-21T19:11:52-07:00

We want to stress that there are no expectations from the recipient family. They are grateful for any gifts they can share with their children during this time.  Any value donated will be appreciated – give what you feel comfortable giving.

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