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Caring for Our Holocaust Survivors

JFS and Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre (VHEC) are pleased to announce a new partnership to serve Greater Vancouver’s Holocaust Survivor community.

Beginning January 2022, JFS will administer both the socialization and social services Claims Conference Grants, which have traditionally been split between the two organizations. This move consolidates the work of managing and reporting the grant within JFS, streamlining the administrative process, whilst preserving the delivery of socialization programs through the VHEC.

Holocaust survivor socialization programs include four to six events per year as well as regular group meeting for Russian-speaking and child Holocaust survivors. Preserving the services at the VHEC means that survivors will continue to access these programs without disruption, as well as maintain their ownership over what the programs entail.

This partnership will also include a JFS case manager on-site at VHEC one day per week, increasing access to JFS social services and resources among the survivor population. Case management and assistance with Claims Conference applications will continue to be available through the VHEC.

Cindy McMillan, JFS Director of Programs and Community Partnerships: “JFS and VHEC have always had a close working relationship and we’re very excited for this opportunity to enhance supports in the community.  It means that our resources can spread more naturally across the survivor population as we work together to ensure Holocaust survivors are able to age at home safely and with dignity.”

Nina Krieger, VHEC Executive Director: “As a museum founded by Holocaust survivors, the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre prides itself in being considered a second home to many in our survivor community. Through strengthening our partnership with JFS, we are very pleased to streamline the administration of survivor services in our community, ensuring that survivors continue to access supports at the VHEC, while enjoying thriving socialization programs such as the child survivor and Russian-speaking survivor groups via the Centre.”

About the Jewish Conference Claims Grant: The Claims Conference grants are specifically for organizations that assist Jewish Nazi victims and projects that promote research, education & documentation of the Shoah. Grants are given to social service agencies worldwide that provide vital services for Holocaust survivors, such as home care, food and medicine.

For questions, please contact:

Cindy McMillan | Director of Programs and Community Partnerships
Jewish Family Services
320-2285 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC V5N 3G9
Direct Tel: 604.558.5699 | [email protected]

Nina Krieger | Executive Director
Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
50 - 950 West 41st Avenue,
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada V5Z 2N7
Direct Tel: 604.783.0493 | [email protected]

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