Olga’s Story

After almost 15 years in Canada, I visited the Jewish Food Bank for the first time. Our family had experienced very difficult times and I ended up alone in a place of financial instability.

Before my first visit to the Food Bank, I was worried about how it would be. I had never been one to ask for help, but from the moment I entered I saw volunteers with smiles on their faces.

I saw a big diversity of product, chosen with care and love for families with children, singles, and people with health problems, like me.

Behind one of the tables, a volunteer named David offered me buckwheat kasha and when I translated this word into Russian, he asked me to repeat this word so that he could remember it. At another table, a nice woman gave me homemade jam.  I was so touched, I was almost in tears to think that unknown people would take care of me and the others who were coming there. I am a Leningrad Blockade Survivor and know the price of food and the effort, sacrifice and kindness it takes to save the lives of others.

It was not only the food, but the dignified environment, friendship and warm-hearted communications among the people. I returned home happy and proud to be Jewish.

Thank you very much,