We are grateful to all the families who put together a gift basket through our Hanukkah Helpers program. Our office is full of these beautiful gifts which will be sent on to recipient families to celebrate this season of light and kindness.

“Taking part in this is a great way to feel more connected to the holiday”, says Ayana Honig, JFS’s Volunteer Coordinator. “We do this each year, and it’s an opportunity to get the whole family involved in selecting items, decorating, and writing kind messages. For many who receive them, these gifts may be the only ones they have this season.

“A special thank you to our community members who organized the project—there are many details involved and they went above and beyond to help make this project run smoothly. “

In 2014, the Hanukkah Helpers Program was created for JFS clients, where families in the community could help to support other families in need during Hanukkah. Since then, this program has become an annual event.

Each donor family is matched with an anonymous recipient family—with only minimal information about the ages of their children—and their task is to shop for their assigned family.

If you’d like to participate next year, please check out our page for details.