“I have always found a welcome and safe place of refuge at JFS”, says Shelley*.

When Shelley first came to JFS for help, she needed more than counselling support. Falling through the cracks of multiple systems—medical, housing, legal and mental health—Shelley had been moving from shelter to shelter with multiple hospitalizations as a result of self-harming.

The instability and abuse she had experienced as a child and young adult continued to make her underlying mental health condition worse.

Through the JFS’ Mental Health Outreach program, Shelley started receiving regular visits from a registered therapist, building a safe space for her talk about her past and introducing some much needed stability in her life. As she opened up, it became clear that she needed more care and we were able to provide additional support through financial aid and housing.

At one time, stability and independence seemed impossible, but with the support and work of her mental health team, a permanent home has been provided.

Recently, Shelley secured housing at a one-of-a-kind facility in the Lower Mainland which offers the right structure and community to allow her to thrive. She is so thankful for this opportunity.

With a stable home, Shelley is now ready to start a new and successful chapter.

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