The Thriving Seniors Program is a new program at JFS designed to promote greater equity in wellness through knowledge, connection and support.  It is open to all older adults and operates on the belief that older adults have a lot of knowledge, skills and wisdom that should be shared with the community. To that effect, the Thriving Seniors Program is guided by the input of the Seniors Leadership Team.

If you are interested in getting involved in this program through organizing, planning, presenting or mentoring, please let us know!

JFS Seniors Leadership Team

To ensure JFS is accessing the wisdom and lived experiences of elders in the community, JFS created a Leadership team comprised of elders from the community and various programs at JFS. This volunteer leadership team meets bi-weekly to discuss and help implement programming for seniors at JFS and is facilitated by our Seniors Community Outreach Liaison, Tamar Stein. This group has guided the vision of a new program at JFS called “Thriving Seniors”; a program that provides opportunities for seniors to share their knowledge, organize events, provide support and feedback on best practices for seniors in the community.
Interested in joining the leadership team?  Please get in touch with Tamar at


Workshops are organized as bi-monthly events by our seniors leadership team.  The workshops are currently virtual using zoom, but we hope to also provide in person workshops once we can.  Our workshops are presented by professional speakers and community seniors on topics that promote health equity among seniors.  Click here for a list of up coming workshops. Do you have a workshop idea or would like to present a workshop?  Please get in touch with Tamar at

Tablet Learn and Loan Program

We will loan out Tablets to seniors who don’t have access to the internet or a computer. Tablets have data and are pre-loaded with programs.  The senior (you) will be matched with a volunteer who will support your learning on how to use zoom, email, and the internet.  If you want more information or to join the program, please contact Samara at

The Herb and Barbara Silber Seniors Sharing Shabbat

Once a month we will be delivering a Shabbat meal to seniors in our community who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity of having a Shabbat meal.  Our Seniors Leadership team will be at the kitchen preparing a family recipe each month that will be included with the meal! The meal will be prepared at our Kosher Kitchen by our chef, and delivered by volunteers.  We will have a 15 minute zoom blessing after meals have been delivered.

Registration is currently open, with limited availability. For more information and to register, please contact Tamar at

Please note, to be eligible for this program, participants cannot be registered in another Shabbat meal program.

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