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Available in Kerrisdale, Oakridge, Marpole, Southlands, and Dunbar

Coordinated by Jewish Family Services

Better at Home is a program that helps seniors with non-medical, day-to-day tasks so that they can continue to live independently in their own homes, and remain connected to their communities.

For the current services or any questions please contact Diana Pineda at 604-637-3310.

Services available:

          • Light Housekeeping
          • Transportation to appointments (provided by volunteers)
          • Grocery shopping assistance (provided by volunteers)
          • Friendly visiting (provided by volunteers)
          • Handyman/handywoman Services


Services are available to all seniors 65+ living in Kerrisdale, Oakridge, Marpole, Southlands, and Dunbar (Ontario St. – Blanca St., W25 Ave. – SW Marine Dr.)


Housekeeping and transportation are priced on a sliding scale according to the individual’s income level. There is no charge for grocery shopping and friendly visits. For more information and current fees, please see the image below.

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There will be a change in light housekeeping fees starting November 1, 2022. Please click on the image below for new fee rates.

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If you would like to volunteer and help provide these services, please contact Diana PinedaBetter at Home Coordinator, at 604-637-3310 or

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