Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-11-12T18:57:18-08:00
What documents are required for emergency financial aid?2022-11-12T18:55:10-08:00
  • Tax assessment for the previous year or Bank statements for the last 3 months (for the whole household)
  • Photo ID
  • Hydro bill (or another bill where home address is listed)
Why do I need to provide proof of income?2017-11-02T10:28:24-07:00

As a non-profit organization with charitable tax status we are bound by the rules of the Canada Revenue Agency and as such need clear documentation of any monies we give out. As well, basic resources provides aid to those most in need with limited or fixed incomes or in dire financial straits, as such we need to assess income level.

Why do you only give out gift cards to Safeway or Superstore?2017-12-20T14:35:50-08:00

One main reason is that there are multiple locations of these stores across the Lower Mainland and outlying areas. In addition, these stores provide JFS with a discount on bulk ordering allowing us to order more for less. Did you also know that Superstore cards can also be used at Extra Foods, Supervalu or No Frills stores?

Why can’t I get permanent financial help?2017-11-02T10:27:37-07:00

We want to meet with you regularly to help you move forward with your goals and be sure to offer whatever resources we can as your situation changes. We also have to balance out all the requests for help we receive and make sure our funds go as far as possible.

What about loans?2023-01-20T16:21:20-08:00

There is another community organization called Hebrew Free Loan Association and they offer this service. Ask your Case Manager to see if you qualify.

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