Caleb’s Letter

I wanted to let you know how appreciated your yearly assistance to us prisoners here at Mountain with bags for Rosh Hashanah and Passover is.

The reality is without those bags we would have no access to anything to help make the celebration of these Holidays significant. We are unable to order such things even if we could afford it. But more importantly, it is a blessing – a Mitzvot. It brings the Jewish Community to each of us in the fullest of ways, impacting us spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. It is transforming for us, it reminds us we still have a connection to the faith community. That people have kindly remembered us and are still willing to help us. With the community’s kind gifts, visit from our Rabbi, and volunteers we are reminded that each one of us is important, that each person is precious and in these moments I realize that I am encountering real moments of tikkun olam  – the healing of the world and a true sense of Shalom – of being whole with ourselves, our neighbour, and with God right here in the prison.

I know that I can speak for all of the other men here who receive this kindness that each of us are eternally grateful and appreciate you keeping us in mind. It allows us to connect or reconnect to a faith community, a place to belong, to be accepted, to establish healthy relationships, and to build trust and begin a healthy road to reintegration. It is because of the encouragement and unconditional acceptance given to all of us by the regular visits of the Rabbi and volunteers and the care of JFS that each of us are able to experience such healing.

Shalom u’vracha, peace and blessings,