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A New Look for JFS

As we look ahead to the future, our vision is to be a leader in the Jewish and broader communities, transforming the lives of individuals and families. With a new look, name and website, we are more prepared than ever to do just that.

Escaping Colombia

I lived in Columbia and had a good life, until the armed conflict. The guerillas FARC-EP took me into the mountains, a prisoner, made threats to my family. I left everything I had and came to Canada with my 10-year-old son...

A Positive Therapeutic Environment

After five one-hour sessions with you to date, and my mood has improved markedly. I can now work at my job with enthusiasm again and am no longer obsessed with constant, intrusive thoughts. I am very grateful to you and your organization for being there in a time of dire need. 

Helping make ends meet

I would like to thank you for the generosity and compassion you have bestowed upon me and my children, 12 and 4 years old.