On Wednesday, November 29, at JFSA’s 81st Annual General Meeting, Richard Fruchter, CEO, announced that they will be shortening their name to Jewish Family Services.

The agency has also launched a new logo and website at www.JFSVancouver.ca.

“JFSA has been in a period of growth over the past 4 years,” explained Richard Fruchter, CEO.

“However, when it came time to looking at our website and logo, we knew they had difficulty connecting with current audiences.

“In response, we created a marketing task force that consisted of some key community members and professionals to guide us in refreshing our look and giving us the tools to present ourselves in a more vibrant and professional way.

“As we discussed the logo we naturally talked about our name. We’ve been known in this community as Jewish Family Service Agency since 1958, but ‘Agency’ is repetitive. Other Jewish organizations dropped that extra word from their name a while ago and we felt that it made sense to do the same.

“We’re now referring to ourselves as Jewish Family Services or JFS. “Services”, rather than “Service Agency”, more accurately reflects the remarkable breadth of what we do. You can still call us JFSA, but we’ll be updating our material to reflect the new name and changing our website to JFSVancouver.ca.

“I am pleased to introduce our new logo and look. It’s a simple, contemporary and elegant logo that conveys the warmth and heart of our work here at JFSA, now Jewish Family Services.

“We also have a new tag line, “Uplifting Lives”. It’s exactly what we do here—we uplift the lives of families and individuals in our community who need our help. It works both ways, though—-we also uplift the lives of our members and donors who are participating in tikkun olam and gemilut hasadim–repairing the world through acts of loving kindness.

“We’re proud to present these marketing initiatives on behalf of JFS to our community. We feel it’s a refreshing representation of who we are and the work we do, which is grounded in the values and mission of our organization.

“As we look ahead to the future, our vision is to be a leader in the Jewish and broader communities, transforming the lives of individuals and families through quality services and innovative programming that responds to evolving community needs.

“With a new look, logo, name, tagline and website, we are more prepared than ever to do just that.”

The new website is now live at www.JFSVancouver.ca. JFS will be phasing out old logo and branding materials in due course.

For questions, please contact Jolene Robinson, Marketing and Communications Manager, at jrobinson@jfsa.ca or 604.558.5693.