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“The best thing about being a monthly donor is that people have ongoing needs – we can’t help this week & abandon them the next.” – David and Clara, JFS monthly donors

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Please note that an official tax receipt will be issued under the cardholder’s name. As per Canada Revenue Agency, the Income Tax Act does not permit us to issue tax receipts to anyone other than the person or company whose name is on the credit card.

In his clean, quiet home in Nanaimo, surrounded by his children and grandchildren, you would never know that Marc G. had a close brush with death only a few months earlier.

Marc’s story began in France in 1949.

His mother was of French descent from Poland, and his father was born near the border between Poland and the Ukraine. But the Holocaust brought unspeakable suffering to his family. His mother was hidden by Resistance members in the French Alps, and his father survived the horrors of Auschwitz.

Marc admits to thinking, sometimes, that his story might have ended before it even began.

“When I look at my parents’ stories, and how unlikely it was that I would have even been born, it makes me even more grateful to have survived.”

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