Jewish Music as an Intercultural Bridge

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Jewish Music as an Intercultural Bridge

Join us as Composer Moshe Denburg, will take us on a journey to explore the many tributaries of Jewish Music from around the world. For millennia, Jewish people have lived as global wanderers, amidst many cultures not our own. To preserve our culture, we have adapted our music to incorporate cross cultural elements. This creative intercultural synthesis  has developed unique qualities that defy geography. Moshe will perform live with vocals and guitar and utilize recordings from his Jewish repertoire to illustrate the variety of languages, rhythms, and modes in the Jewish musical experience. This overview of Jewish music will segue into a discussion of how Jewish music lends itself well to the interculturalism which abounds today. Illustrations will include Jewish repertoire as well as Moshe’s intercultural work with the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra.

This in-person event will be taking place at Congregation Beth Israel, lower level. 989 W. 28th Ave. Vancouver, BC

To register, please contact Tamar Stein, Seniors Community Outreach Coordinator at 604-558-5709 or

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