Over $800,000 raised in support of our JFS Emergency Care Fund campaign.

The community has responded in an astounding way to JFS’ emergency campaign. With this generous support, JFS will remain operational and fully staffed ready to deliver the emergency essential services that 2,300 people will be relying on over the coming months and beyond as needed.

Campaign Goal: $500,000. Total raised to date $813,000 (including match fund $250,000)
See Our Emergency Care Campaign Impact Report
Individual Match Donors

Eric and Judith Cohen
Bruce Coleman
Helen Coleman
Jonathan and Leanne Coleman
Cristall Family
Harvey and Jody Dales
Gabe and Andi Davis
Melvin and Geri Davis

Ryan and Haley Davis
Diamond Abramowich Family
Kahn Family
Howard and Simone Kallner
Jeremiah and Marni Katz
Horatio Kemeny
Robert and Marilyn Krell

Jonathon and Karly Leipsic
Bill and Risa Levine
Andrew and Shawna Merkur
Neil and Michelle Pollock
Doug and Lana Pulver
Reza and Lisa Shahrestani
Candice and Todd Thal

Endowment Fund Match Donor

Paul and Edwina Heller Memorial Fund

Foundation Match Donors

Ben & Esther Dayson Charitable Foundation

Corporate Match Donors
Emergency Campaign Fund Donors

Lucy Adirim
Mary Adlersberg and Sally Thorne in honour of Laura Duhan Kaplan’s birthday
David and Shelley Ail
Lindsey Ail
Patti and Ralph Aknin
Al Roadburg Foundation
Richard and Darlene Ames
Judi Angel and Colin Mallet
Cyndi Ankenman
Carolyn and Anthony Aronson
The Honourable Jack Austin and Natalie Freeman
Gary Averbach
Axler Family
Gerry Ayotte (In memory of Isabel Lever)
Morgyn Babins
Rabbi Yechiel and Chanie Baitelman
Ben Baker
Lester and Sandra Baker
Tamar and David Bakonyi
Tim Bale
Penny Ballem
Bar-Dayan Family
Morris and Rachel Barer
Philip and Lori Barer
Drs. Larry Barzelai and Rhona Gordon
Alan Bass
Richard and Nance Bass
Seva Batkin
Ellen & Paul Becker
Donna Becker
Ari Belenkiy
Sidnee and Brian Bell
Bonnie and Allan Belzberg
Ben and Hannah Weiss Foundation
Rodney and Hilary Benson
David and Ruth Berger
Rabbi Stephen and Sarah Berger
Tova Wolinsky and Ryan Berger
Geoff Berkow
Heather and Jonathan Berkowitz and Family
Michael Berkson and Lori Braha
Joan Berlow
Kristina and Michael Berman
Stephen Bernstein and Lilian Wright
David Berson
Paul and Marilyn Bild
Marvin and Francine Binder
Rona Black
Maud Blitz
Maurice Bloch and Susan Comay
David Bluman
David Bogdonov
Beth and Leon Bogner
Eleanor and Jeremy Braude
Isaiah Bregman
Brian, Dalia, Alisa, Kailey and Josh Bressler
Brian Jessel BMW
Marsha Brovender
Cheryl Brownstein and Dr. Rick Schreiber
Andrea Brownstone
Ruth Buckwold
Peter Busby and Karen Gelmon
Myron and Ros-Lynn Calof
Canada Helps
Annica Carlsson
Romana Carreiro
Charlens and Dhorea Challmie
Audrey Chan, Olivia Moss and Karly Moss
Marty Charach
Carole Chark
Janine and Boris Chenkis
David Chercover and Joanne Vincent
Yale Chernoff
Philip and Carol Chernov
Jane Cherry
Esther Chetner
Kerri Chetner
Stavroula Chronopoulos
CIC Equities Corp
Eileen and Fred Cohen
Gary and Linda Cohen
Greg Rosenfeld and Tracey Cohen and Family
Joan Cohen
Leonard and Marian Cohen
Lianne Cohen
Marlene Cohen
Yonatan Cohen
Leanne and Jonathan Coleman
Beth Israel Veggie Club
The Cooper Family
Ron and Bev Corber
Michaela Corenblum
Jodi and Alex Cristall
Jackie Cristall Morris and Gary Morris
Stephen and Ellen Cronk
Crooks Family
Melanie Crystal
Rebecca Dales and Josh James and Arieh Dales
Tal Danzig
Dr. Robert Daum and Dr. Frederick Fajardo
Jacqueline Day
Philip and Iris Dayson
Alexandra de Levie
Aleksandar and Hana Demajo
Zev and Elaine Shafran and Anita Shafran
Isabelle, Carrie and Craig Diamond on behalf of the BC Turf Foundation
Maya Dimapilis and Evan Kalynchuk
Susan Dixon
Alexis Doctor
Dr. Arthur and Judith Dodek
Heather Doi
Avi Dolgin
Irina Dordjieva
Geoffrey Druker and Roxanne Kipnes
Myer Dumansky
Peter Eirikson
Wendy and Elliott Eisen
Louis and Marion Eisman
Joanne Emerman
Barry and Myrna Epstein
Karol Epstein
Mark and Sylvie Epstein
Svetlana Ershov
Susan Everall
Dr. Dan and Shannon Ezekiel
Steven Fedder
Donna Felgar
Martin Ferera
Bluma Field
Miryam and Rafael Filosof
Arnold and Susan Fine
Michael Fish and Christina Chen
Ellen Flanders
Marcie Flom
Felicia Folk & Alan Farber
Hymie and Rome Fox
David and Ethel Frankel
Judy and Dan Frankel
Norman and Marlene Franks
Fred and Minnie Toft Foundation
Brad Freedman and Pamela Wolfman
Miram Friedberg
Diane Friedman
Chris Friedrichs
Richard and Tricia Fruchter
Stephen and Shari Gaerber
Leana Gaerber and Family
Larry and Miri Garaway
Ivan and Laurie Gasoi
Dr. Daniel and Daphne Gelbart
Mark and Corinne Gelfer
Michael and Sally Geller
Ari Gelmon
Danny Gelmon
Jean Gerber
Martin and Michelle Gerber
Stephen and Esther (Bonnie) Gertsman
Leila and Leon Getz
David and Clara Ginsburg
Arlene  Gladstone
Rose Marie Glassman and Family
Marilyn and Derek Glazer
Rachel Glick
Barry and Lauri Glotman
Hillel and Sheryl Goelman
Anat Gogo
Norman and Linda Gold
Shawn Gold and Alexis Rothschild
Rena Goldberg
Viva Goldblatt
Bob and Dana Golden
Dora Golden
Cari Goldin
Goldman Investments Ltd, on behalf of David Goldman and Penny Sprackman
David Goodman and Lilian Broca

Helen and Tevy Goodman
Jonathan Gordis
Kathy and Morris Gordon
Eli Gorn
Emily Greenberg
Roni Greif
Harold and Marla Groberman
The Honourable Miriam Gropper and David Whiteley
Bill and Noemi Gruenthal
Alain and Michelle Guez
Dr. Melvin and Pia Guralnick
Marla Guralnick and Josh Pekarsky
Yael Guralnick
Penny Gurstein
Susanna Haas Lyons
Ami and Bella Haasz
Justin Habashi
Bryan Hack
Dr. Lawrence and Barbara Halparin
Jesse Halperin and Kyla Schwartz
Ellen Hamer and Gary Richmond
David Hamilton
Simon and Sharon Handelsman
Brent Hanson
Sharon Harowitz and Bob Willmot
Dr. Arthur and Arlene Hayes
Jeffrey and Sonia Hayes
Rob and Sue Hector
Barbara Heller
Ben Heller
Samuel Heller
Steven Helper
Marie A. Henry
Rafael and Raquel Hirsch
Shirley and Gabriel Hirsch
Dr. Art and Phyllis Hister
Dennis Hoffman
Ralph and Helen Hoffman
Shoshana Hofman
Jeremy and Yael Horwitz
Dr. Peter and Linda Hotz
Louise Houta
Arlene Howard
Jack Huberman
Rabbi Jonathan Infeld and Lissa Weinberger
Bette-Jane Israels and Stephen Simon
Dan and Andrea Isserow
Rikki and Kevan Jacobson
Arlene James
Brana James
Gail and Mickey James
Karen James
Mark and Ali James
Dianne Jampolsky
Howard and Marla Jampolsky
Kris and Esther Jonasson
Marilyn Jordan and Marvin Lithwick
Eli and Claudia Joseph
In memory of Ethel Rimmer
Gabi Kabazo
Lynn Kagan
Larry and Wendy Kahn
Tammy and Tim Kalla, Burrard Podiatry Limited
Joseph and Cheryl Kalmek
Chris Kape
Bill and Etti Kaplan
David Kaplan
Frank and Freda Kaplan
Ida and Odie Kaplan
Shelley Karrel
Sharon Kates
Fay-Lynn Katz
David Kauffman in memory of his father Dan z”l
Kaushansky & Associates
Larry Kazdan and  Andrea Engel
Shay (Shy) and Mickey Keil
Joe Khalifa and Naomi Youngson
Debbie and Gil Kimel
Moshe King
King David High School
Dr. David Kirkpatrick
Jeff and Wendi Klein
Rael and Dalya Klein
Russ Klein
Bernice Kling
Maureen and David Kling
Joel and Maja Knoll
Myrna Koffman
Ethel Kofsky
Maury and Caroline Kolof
Judi Korbin
Stanford and Seda Korsch
Beverley Kort and Ray Schachter
Moti Kotik
Yossi and Andi Kowaz
Rob Kraft
Brian and Ann Kramer
Sheryl Kramer and Shane Brown
Louise Krivel and Paul Williams
Jackie and Gerry Krystal
Candace and Alan Kwinter
Pamela and William Lachman
Claudio Lam
Paul and Lesley Lambert
David Lank and Constance Smith
Natalie Lanoville
Elliot and Megan Laskin
Jordan, Romi, Samara and Aria Laskin
Naomi Kronitz and Irv Laskin
Natalie and Eran Lavie
Basya Laye in memory of Florence & Benjamin Laye
Dr. Ronald and Estarisa Laye
Karen Lecovin
Dean and Julia Lederman
John and Jan Lee Thiem
In memory of Marc Youngson Our deepest condolences, Michele Lepore and Miles Alperstein
Jonathan E Lerner
Lina Lerner
Gary and Barbara Letcher
Marshall and Bonnie Letcher
Shanie Levin
Lani Levine and Andrew Thom
William and The Honourable Risa Levine
Phil and Sherry Levinson
Aaron Levitt
Gisi and Bob Levitt
Karen Levitt
Mike Levitt
Stacey Levitt
Dr. Lyall and Cynthia Levy
Marc Levy
Michael and Rita Levy
Adele Lewin
Lewis Family
Erica Leyland
Lucy and Abe Ligumsky
Randy and Janice Ling
Loren and Elliott Lipsey
Michael Lipton
Mark and Gerri London
Cathy and Jeff Lowenstein
Derry and Aaron Lubell
Gary Lyons
John MacDonald
Harley and Leslie Mackoff
Les Mackoff
Dr. Perry and Emmy Maerov
Boris Maizel
Daniel and Judi Majewski
David and Linda Malchy
Carole Malkin
Fay Manis
Avery and Nicole Mann
Dalia Margalit-Faircloth
Simon and Janice Margolis
Sylvia Markell
Ralph and Robert Markin
Carol Marks
Danna Marks and William Clark
Heidi Massel
Alicia and Robert Matas
Janos and Noni Mate
Roy and Sigal Mathews
Jennifer Matli
Sharon Matthews in honour of Keren Gertsman
Stella Mattuck
Joshua Mayorga
Mazon Canada
D Medzon
David Paperny and Audrey Mehler
Susan Mendelson and Jack Lutsky
Dr. Robert and Elke Mermelstein
Peggy Meyer
The Meyers
Karen and Jack Micner
Merle Miedzygorski

Brady, Devon and Cody Miller
Ellen Miller
Michael and Alexandra Millman
Herb and Leah Mills
Randy Milner
Glenda Mindlin
Binjamin Minkowski
Leslie Minovitch
Minovitz Family Foundation
Igor Mironyuk
Dr. Luis and Esther Mogyoros and Family
Monique Shebbeare Law
Tatyana Mordkovich
Florence Morris
Larry M. Moscovitz
Larry and Lynn Moss
Marilyn Moss
Josephine Nadel and David Zacks in honour of a special birthday Craig Diamond
National Council of Jewish Women of Canada – Vancouver
Madeleine Nelson
Michael Nemirow and Desiree Prisman
Anna and Neal Nep
Dr David Nerman
Elizabeth Nicholls
Zarko and Tea Ninkovic
Michael and Vicki Northy
Dr. Mark Wexler and Judy Oberlander
Bernard Olfman
Peter and Carol Oreck
Mark Pallai
Cathy Paperny and Ron Ritch
Norman and Lola Pawer
Dan and Trudy Pekarsky
Alan and Sylvia Pelman
Bev Philipp
Lianna Philipp
Bernard Pinsky and Daniella Givon
Eitan Pinsky
Erica Pinsky
Joseph and Alla Polisky
Sylvia Polsky
Rebecca Porte
Dr. Natasha Press
Alf Price
Dan and Rita Propp
Brent and Lisa Pullan
Michelle Pullan and Rino Pace
Dr. Martin Puterman and Dodie Katzenstein
Judy and Ron Remick
Jane Remocker
Fay and Bud Riback
Howard and Donna Riback
Sarah Richman
Rivian M. Rimer
Barry Rivelis
Shelley C. Rivkin
Sandra Broudy and Tobin Robbins
Robibo Family
Deborah Roitberg
Levitt-Romalis Family
Sheila Romalis
Manuel and Merle Rootman
Mr. Irving and Ms. Barbara Rootman
Ignacio Rosania
Rosengarten Family
Brian and Sheryl Ross
Matthew and Dana Ross
Tory Ross
Carl Rothschild and Pam Ottem
Harley Rothstein and Eleanor Boyle
Cindy Rozen
Ron Rozen
Ed and Deborah Rozenberg
Mark Rozenberg
Lydia Rozental
Rabbi Adam Rubin
Yael Sachar
Jeff and Dina Sacks
Aaron and Dessa Sadovnick
Stan Saibil
Paula and Shaw Saltzberg
Greg Samuels
Melanie Samuels
Irina Sander
Estelle Sanderson
Lil Saperstein
Galit Sarfaty
Harry Satanove and Elspeth Flood
Leeya Schachter and Andrew McMillan
Nathan Schaffer
Alexey Schastlivenko
Leonard Schein
Stephen and Rhona Schneiderman
Aubrey and Cynthia Schwartz
Daniel Schwartz
Stanley and Shirley Schwartz
Reisa Schwartzman and Jeffrey Ross
Richard and Ilana Sebba
Yossef and Raquel Sedaghatti
Julie and Michael Seelig
Chad and Simona Seguin
Jodi Seidelman
Shelley and Perry Seidelman
Melissa Shafron
Kenneth Shalinsky
Daniel Shapiro and Frieda Miller
Iris Sharir and Joel Guralnick
Michael and Lesley Shepard
Charles Shnier
Jill and Jason Shore
Marilee Sigal
Barbara and Herbert Silber
Shaya Silber
Estelle Silver
Zena Simces
Bernard and Lee Simpson
Cynthia Singer and Alexander Traktovenko
Danny Singer
Nancy Putterman and David Sky
Mark Slobin
Shael and Carlotta Smith
Trilby Smith and Jay Eidelman
Joshua Sorin
Darlene Spevakow
Penny Sprackman
Issy and Francie Steen
Dr. Paul and Edie Steinbok
Daniel Steiner
Ronald Stern
Vicky Strom
Gideon and Renate Stuhler
Alice Sundberg
Stanley and Joycelaine Sunshine
Ralph and Clare Swartz
Diane and Phil Switzer
William and Frances Switzer
Al Szajman
Alan and Daphne Tapper
Lynne D. Tapper
Stan and Reena Taviss
Linda Tenenbaum
Perry and Laureen Teperson
Dr. Barry and Ronnie Tessler
Isaac and Judy Thau
The Azrieli Foundation
Stephan and Susan Tick
Neri and Aron Tischler
Dr. Perry and Karen Trester
Muriel and Maelor Vallance
Stephanie Vellins
Debbie and Lorne Waldman
Allan and Joanna Wasel
Alvin Wasserman and Cathy Moss
Drs. Charles and Joanne Weinberg
Ian Weinstein with Allied Salvage & Metals
Jason Weinstein
Roxanne Weinstein
Marvin and Rita Weintraub
Joel and Linda Wener
Gail and Richard Wenner
Joshua Wenner
Wilensky family
Dr. Sam and Natalie Wiseman
Steve Wolf
Heather Wolfe
Myles Wolfe and Barby Solomon
Danny Wong
Ron and Roni Wosk
Gary Yaffe
Kathryn Young and Alan Shuster
David and Elaine Youngson
Deborah Youngson and Russ Klein
Zalkow Foundation
Angelo Zappacosta
Sepand Zarrabi

Please note that donor lists are updated every 2 business days.
If we have omitted your name, or you have a request to change your recognition name, please send an email to development@jfsvancouver.ca

Emergency Care Fund Committee

Jody Dales, Chair
Kerri Chetner
Judith Cohen
Sue Hector
Simone Kallner
Shawna Merkur
Lana Pulver
Candice Thal

JFS Ambassador & Honourary Committee Member

Dr. Neil Pollock

Campaign Advisors 

Jill Diamond
Bill Kaplan