JFS Home Support department has been very pro-active and timely in placing home worker Oksana when my father got very sick and could not care for himself anymore. As several weeks passed by, we can see the results of her work at my father’s home and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Oksana is very pleasant in her manners and conversations and balances perfectly my father’s introvert character; he listens to her opinion and responds in kind.  She is very dedicated to her job, knowledgeable caregiver who offers the very best in care. No small help is that Oksana and my father can communicate in Russian language. I would like to personally thank Elaine Perzow for this job placement.

Oksana is very diligent and responsive to my father’s needs, she had managed to forge a relationship with elder isolated man that I couldn’t have predicted be possible.

In addition to her regular responsibilities, which Oksana performs consistently and diligently, she could transform and organize my father’s home into a comfortable place to live. After my mother’s passing four years ago, my father lived there alone and had very few comfort features. Now with Oksana’s help he has neat and clean apartment that she runs beautifully.

Oksana provides safety, trust, professionalism and in a few weeks that she is looking after my father, he feels and looks so much better that his doctors and nurses noticed. He is up on time, eats good meals on time, goes outside safely, his clothes, shoes, linen are clean, he has more life quality right now. I can attribute most of this to Oksana’s care and dedication.

Both my father and I are very grateful to the agency for this gift, appreciate your support. We feel that we are not alone in hardship anymore. JFSA had helped in the past and keeps doing amazing job now as well.

Thank you!
Sara Zavgorodny