image of anna

I want to thank the donors at JFS for the consistent support they have provided for me.

There are so many moments that stand out. My father kept suggesting that I reach out to JFS as my background is Jewish. When I finally did, it was around December and Hanukkah was around the corner. I was in need of emotional support, as well as basic necessities for living. I was on the phone with a woman named Ginny who listened to what I was going through, along with calling me back later that day. I remember her being able to identify the issues I was experiencing and being proactive with setting me up with the correct resources to help me out. Later that week I was gifted a care package along with grocery vouchers to use. I was also given a date to come in and see a counsellor for emotional support.

I am overcome with gratitude for everyone at Jewish Family Services. From Golriz, who answers hundreds of calls a day and always makes you feel like you are not just a number, to the counsellors that genuinely care about my well-being and always provide a listening ear.

Thank you with all of my heart.